Wire and bronze
Sculpture for gardens
by Devon  artist
Edward Netley
Wire sculpture created for indoors and outdoors using steel
and wire. The bronze editions follow the distinctive style
created by Netz.  Works vary from swallows to elephants.
Each created to life size or larger following the artists own
unique perception of form and feeling.

The wire creations are all unique.

Most of the works shown are held in private collections; the
ones on view in public locations are clearly marked.

Netz Fine Art  came about from a 'nickname'  Netz which
Ed Netley  was called during his service with the British
Army. All his two dimensional works are signed Netz.

The thumb nail pictures are linked to pages with details of
that particular wire sculpture. Containing more pictures
combined with the reason and thoughts behind each work.
Follow the journey of
the wire pheasant to it's
final conclusion of being
cast into bronze....
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A sculpture in bronze
of a Red Fox. She is
showing aggression
to other foxes when
protecting her cubs...
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Pliers and fencing wire tools of the trade.
Pictures of sculptures in various garden landscapes and sculpture trails.
Contact the artist  
Tel: 07779717788
Equine forms in wire.
Female forms in wire
Foxes and dogs and
badger in wire
Birds in wire
Various wire sculptures
Polyfilla and
The Pixie at
Bovey Tracey
Epoxy putty

A site showing interviews and moving footage of various art forms. Updated each month giving a unique
incite to the artists involved.
Visual footage and interview of Edward Netley contained within.