Brown Hare
There are times when one has to take a break. For me that is to
create a sculpture in another medium. In this case with polyfilla. A kind
of busmans holiday which relaxes my mind.
Mounted on a marble slab to balance the sculpture I wanted the Hare to be stretching
forward as I have witnessed them doing while boxing.
The learning curve came with understanding how far one could push the
medium before it cracked under the stress. The hind legs I wanted to be
thinner but sadly had to add more to the feet and limbs. Saying that if I
remake it I am sure I can form the thin legs I have in my minds eye.
Placed out side just for the photographs It suits location on the lawn. The
sculpture itself is only capable of permanent showing indoors. It looks good
in my front room though messed up the cat's mind for a little while, she is a
good critic to have for such works.
Copyright Edward Netley 2012