Apple Bird Balls
Over time the wire Apple sculptures have progressed to being large enough
for birds to sit within. From there developed the idea of having a core inside.
Utilizing the core to hold feed for wild birds. The first experiment was to make
a 'tube' of wire to hold peanuts. Which worked very well in attracting the wild
birds in.
I wanted the core to be more like an apple core in looks so tried dropping fat
balls in from the top of the sculpture. This worked really well attracting up to a
dozen birds at a time.  
First came the Apple...
Then adding the core
with a column of peanuts.
Followed by inserting an
apple core
Followed a core holding
The first birds coming to feed.
The rest they say is history
Copyright Edward Netley 2013
A successful wild bird
Placing in location at West
Down House