In stainless steel and copper wire.
This page shows experiments utilising
different types of wire. The intention is to
progress to creating larger sculptures in
these materials.
Copper wire
In the pack sent to me was a length
of 3.2 mm copper wire.

Wire of this diameter is not ideal for
the creation of such a small object.
The idea being to 'feel' the texture
and strength of the metal.

Though a soft metal the copper
was pleasant to use.  It held form
well while being easy on the hands.

I am unsure as to how it will stand
up to becoming a full size sculpture.
It might need another metal woven
in with it to give enough strength.

A metal with good prospects for
future applications. It has
interesting colour changes as it
weathers. The effect could be quite
Stainless steel wire.
The stainless steel sample sent
was of a much finer gauge.

1.6 mm is the diameter of wire I
would choose for making an apple.

The wire was simple to manipulate
and held form reasonable well for
such a fine gauge.

Stainless having the properties it
does should mean a long life for
the sculpture.

A thicker wire would be a serious
contender for utilising in the
creation of a larger sculpture.

I am considering using stainless
with copper wire to give strength
and colour to a large sculpture. It
would be interesting to observe the
copper changing colour as it
Text and images copyright of Edward Netley 2006
The wire for these sculptures has been supplied by Ormiston Wire Limited
They hold a large stock of various wire that can be used in the making of sculptures.
Click below for Ormiston Wire Limited's web site.