Bird Ball
The 'bird ball' is somewhat of an experiment on my part. I knew that small birds adore
climbing in and out of my sculptures but I did not know how tight the weave could be
for birds of all species to still pass through.

The next question was would they use a feeder placed in the middle of a ball of wire?
The answer was a definite yes. The sparrows
and blue tits flock to the ball. It seems that they
feel very secure within the confines of the
sphere. We do have a sparrow hawk which
patrols the garden so all the birds are quite
nervous on an open table.

I gradually weaved more wire into the ball. This
added strength and slowly improved the
circumference to form a circle. The worry being
that to much wire would close the holes and put
off visitors. So far, I perceive no problems on
that side.

I had to make sure enough gaps were available
to insert the bird feeder. In this instance a holder
with fat balls.
When I started this piece I expected it to be
relatively easy to construct. How ignorant I was,
it has been one of the most frustrating
sculptures I have ever conceived!

The problem of constructing a ball is that the
human eye is very attuned to any deformities in
the line of a circle.

Hours were spent in placing wire to pull and
push the ball into shape. I ended bouncing it on
the ground like a giant football to shape it and
to show any weak areas. Which worked!

Hanging from a swivel it slowly rotates in the
breeze. A beautiful 'living' sculpture.
All type and pictures copyright of Edward Netley 2006
The Bird Ball above is around 1 meter in diameter.

The Ball below is 50 centimeters in diameter.