Cock Pheasant & other birds
Cock Pheasant
This sculpture was inspired by a cock
pheasant in our garden. He was confused
by our chickens in his spring hunt for a
mate. He took refuge by crouching behind
some pots as I walked into the garden.
Then as I sprinkled grain for the chickens
he lost his nerve and sprinted across the
lawn bursting into the air crying out loud
his warning.

One of those moments that hold in ones
mind. Exciting to create and beautiful to
For me sculptures of birds work well in
wire. This cock pheasant is just over twice
life size.

The mounting, a stainless steel rod
pushed deep into the earth lets the form
rock and move in the breeze. It catches
every breath of wind the movement
drawing one in.

Captured at the moment of take off with its
legs still splayed as it leaps into the air
with a burst of noise and energy.
Heron fishing
This image comes from childhood. It
happened on a day while fishing for trout
on the stream that passed down our
valley. I was watching with hungry eyes a
large pond on private land that the stream
passed through trying to build up the
nerve to rush out and cast my line with
out being seen. (It was stocked with large
The idea that one cast with my spinner
would prove successful and I could run
with my prize before being discovered.

As I was about to run to the pond a heron
came down landed beside the water and
instantly grabbed a massive trout. It was
much to big for it to swallow but they both
fought with grim determination.
The fish won and slipped back into the
water. I watched the heron for another ten
minutes but it had no more success. I left
him to his work and patrolled the steam
below the pond.
Copy right Edward Netley 2006