African Bull Elephant
The Elephant in location.
Life size and of impressive stature  this bull is master
of it's environment.

Created from a steel frame and then filled in by the
artists trade mark wire. With the size of such
proportions it has a surprisingly large area to catch
the wind. To combat this the legs were deliberately
'splayed'. An animal has a brain which is constantly
working to keep the creature in balance. With a
sculpture a compromise has to alway be sought.

The balance of the sculpture proved to be correct as
a tree blew down in a winter storm its branches
landing either side of the sculpture.

Sold over the Internet (It is amazing what one can
find on E-bay) it has moved to a private garden
standing peacefully within a small copse.
Moving the Elephant.
Being built within a
scaffold frame because
of its size it first had to
be removed without
any of the scaffold
poles being dropped
and damaging the

A local contractor was
called in who built a
frame from the
scaffolding poles to
support the sculpture
beneath. The concern
being that if a single
point lift was used then
the stress could
compress the chest
Another method of
moving a large
sculpture, it was
transported to a
location for its legs to
be amputated; from
there on to a tractor
and trailer to its final
All text and pictures copyright of Edward Netley 2004