Showing various forms of 'Fairy' which have
developed over time.
'Watching the World' part of a series of
sculptures in the watching the world creations
of Fairies in wire by the sculptor Edward
Netley. Placed on a bridge at RHS Rosemoor.
She is fixed to the bridge with wire strands as
it was a temporary location for a show. For a
permanent location she would be bolted and
screwed down.
Fixing 'Watching the World'
to a garden seat at West
Down House. This shows
how a sculpture can be
placed in various locations

By utilising the garden seat
she is then free to be
moved around the garden
as one wishes.
Another in the 'Watching the World' sculptures.
Sat on a fence line out side my
place for the photographs she is
designed to be placed in an Oak
tree. From where she will be
'Watching the World'.

These two pictures show the detail
of her lifting hair that has fallen into
her face so she can get an
uninterrupted view .
Copyright Edward Netley 2013
At long last I have managed to get a fairy
sculpture 'leapfrogging' and balancing on her
hands just utilising my form of twisting wire.