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The female form.
The female form has held a fascination
for sculptors through the ages.

Edward has completed many different
sculptures using the shape of a
womans body. From the standing nude
to a mermaid they are held in many
private collections.
This nude was commissioned for
the M.S. Therapy Centre at
Exeter to stand in the garden
which had been refurbished for
use of patients and staff by the
Clair Milne Foundation.

"I was asked to show what
having M.S. felt like. So after
much thought I decided to show
the nerve damage by using old

She is pregnant to show there is
always life and a future. The stick
is synonymous with MS as is the
holding of a tree for support.

From a distance the internal
barbwire is unseen, it comes into
view only on close inspection.
Mirroring the way MS is hidden
from the outside.
'Eclipse of Exeter'
Lingerie, Nightwear and Beachwear

18-19 Waterbeer Street, Exeter, Devon. EX4 3EH
Tel: 01392 420333

Proprietor Ulla Tann
'Eclipse' of Exeter has a sculpture as part of a window display. Different
sculptures will be displayed  over time.

Shown on the left in a garden setting she is leaning against a bird table.
These sculptures are much favored by wildlife as birds feel safe and
secure within the twists of wire.

Many thanks to Ulla Tann for allowing me the challenge of producing
works to show in the window of
Sculptures can be placed in
any location; kneeling or
climbing walls the
posibilities are limitless.
Pictures and text copyright of Edward Netley.