Female form.
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I do enjoy creating a kneeling nude. They
are so versatile. They can be placed on a
lawn or even as the center display on a
table indoors.
This sculpture is the latest in a long line of
kneeling nudes (May 2006)

The nature of the pose makes it a stable
sculpture coping well with slopes and rough
This nude competed September 2006 was
stimulated by watching a mother saying
'sssh' to a child.

It was one of those images which appear
from nowhere yet imprint on the mind.
Pictures and text Copyright Edward Netley 2006-2007
The fairy in her final
More can be seen of her by
clicking here
In location at The Mythic Garden
It is funny what 'triggers' a sculpture. This
was first born as an idea from watching
people about their business as I was
having a meal with friends. One woman
had the most amazing hair. So the
creation formed from there.

The sculpture was completed in
September 2007