Fox and Pheasant
The fox endeavoring to catch a
pheasant shows how far the wire
medium can be pushed. The wire is
not glued braised or welded it is just
twisted in Edward Netley's usual
manner. Creating such a sculpture
pushed the artists abilities leaving a
form that cannot be forgotten.

Foxes chase and eat pheasants no
one will dispute that; how many
times is the fox unsuccessful?

This sculpture of the fox grasping a
single tail feather as the cock
pheasant flies to freedom shows
failure or success? That is up to the
observer to make their own mind up
as to the outcome.

This stunning sculpture can be seen
at The Mythic Garden 2010 show.
Opening times etc can be found on
the link below.
Copyright Edward Netley 2010
Copyright pictures Paula Cattermole