Fox & Badger
The Red Fox an animal of
the English country side
and cities.

When hunting for voles
they utilize a classic
bounce. Descending upon
the vole from above
pinning it to the ground
with its paws.

A fascinating sight if one is
lucky enough to happen
across a fox working a
pasture in this way.

Wild foxes are lean and
well muscled. This one is
shown as it stretches into
the pounce.
The Badger is unmistakable with
its black and white striping on its

This sculpture made to exact
measurements cannot
reproduce those markings.
Leaving the observer to
contemplate the form and 'bear
like' shape.

It is built with powerful muscles
and large claws on the front feet
for digging out food items.

Completed, the sculpture looks
surprisingly small. This is an
illusion brought about by a
moving object appearing larger
than it actually is.
All pictures and text copyright of Edward Netley 2009
Working upon a badger ready for casting into bronze.
First of all a wire frame
was covered in plaster
bandage which was then
covered in it's turn with clay.
At first it all went well then
as the clay dried it cracked
(As expected) the cracks
became larger and were
filled. Because of the clay
shrinking as it dried it could
not compress the internal
frame work. Hence the
cracking became worse.
Because of the amount cracking The only option
was then to use a medium that would not shrink as
it dried. So the sculpture was coated in Polyfilla.
The hairs re-worked and the completed work then
remained stable.
Created life size this first experiment will last
indefinitely until it is ready to be sent to the foundry
for casting.