Horse Sculpture
Still under construction this sculpture of a horse
is receiving the final tweaks to finish it off.

Wire is being placed to strengthen the
structure. Each piece is tested to ascertain its
firmness. If needed another wire is weaved in to
tighten the form.
The pictures shown here have been taken with
a mobile camera. Once in location the final
pictures will be of higher quality.

The measurements were taken from an actual
animal. A beautiful horse named Patrick
Diamond White. The sculpture is accurate to
within an inch or two.

He will be shown with a hound or two running
at foot.
The complexity of the equine shape needs
constant adjustments. What is correct from one
angle looks awkward from another. So a
constant 'merry-go-round'  of work ensues.

At this stage more time is spent away from the
sculpture as the eye becomes blind to the
image as one works. Yet it is suprising how the
form emerges from the constant attention.
Copyright all text images Edward Netley 2007
The sculpture in location at 'Art in the Garden'
with its escort of two hounds.

As I sat beside it over the three days talking to
people about my work I had a good chance to
look over the sculpture. A few places needed a
little more thought. Not much, just a couple of
hours when I get it home.

It just shows that a sculpture is never finished.

The final addition will be a stainless steel stand.
Which will finish off the work beautifully.  
For those that wonder about my studio set up; well a chair is a most
useful addition.
The Horse and Hounds at
The Sculpture Show.

Hunting a fish that has
stolen a bicycle!? Life
becomes quite surreal at