Jayne Netley Mayhew.
Jayne Netley Mayhew is a                 
successful wildlife artist and has          
illustrated books written by

She had her first exhibition at the age   
of fourteen and since then undertaken  
many commissions her work going to   
many collections around the world.

Working in water colour, water colour  
pencil, pen & ink, oils and computer     
drawing programs; meticulously           
recording every detail of her subjects   
and showing them in their natural         

Having been fascinated by                   
embroidery from an early age moving  
to creating cross stitch designs was a  
natural progression. She now              
produces works for
Janlynn Kits,
DMC kits
and magazines including
Needlecraft and Discovering
'Jayne Netley Mayhew'
By a waterfall in the foothills of
Mt Kilimanjaro.
Jayne and her husband take frequent
trips to Africa to gather inspiration for
her paintings and embroideries.

As Jayne says,
"one of the most
important things is to make notes of
the fauna and flora that are used to
complement the main subject".

Sounds like a perfectly reasonable
excuse for Safari holidays!
Water Colours.
Big cats are a favorite subject.
Water colour is an
often used medium for
Jayne. She works to
incredible detail. This
example of a leopard
shows the depth
achieved by layer
upon layer of paint to
build up the fur.
A close up, click onto thumbnail to
see how alive the eyes are.
'Rustle in the Grass'
'Taking a Break'
'Moon the Barn Owl'
'Mother Relaxing'
'Waiting for Mother'
Water colour and pencil.
'All Ears'
Water colour and pencil
Computer drawn art.
Cross Stitch.
For more information on Jayne
Netley Mayhew's and Nicki
Wheeler's books on cross
stitch click on link.
Example of books on cross stitch
from Jayne Netley Mayhew
Nicki Wheeler.
Jayne now has her own web site.
www. jaynenetleymayhew.com
All pictures and text copyright of Jayne Netley-Mayhew 2004
Copyright Jayne Netley Mayhew 2004