There are times when a creation just ends
up at a location that feels so natural.
When I made this sculpture it was for a three day show 'Art in the Garden'. I
explained to visitors that the stand it was placed upon was generic and the final one
would be made for the location.

What a location! He ended up on a plinth at the focal point of a beautiful garden. As
an artist I thought that I had died and gone to heaven when I first saw where the new
owners intended to place the work.

The image above shows how a stand can be hidden by having the supporting struts
emerging from the hedge. The horse is only touching the ground with one leg. The
photograph has not been retouched or edited in anyway. It just shows what a good
location and ingenuity can create.
Patrick Diamond White.
Text and images copyright Edward Netley 2007
Edward Netley with his creation 'Patric Diamond White'.