The Steel Mammoth.
The opening launch.
Carrying the mammoth outside. It was
created in a cold war bunker on top of
cliffs in South Devon.
Constructed to raise money for charity the
Steel Mammoth traveled to Yorkshire for the
Hebden Bridge Sculpture Trail. To Portsmouth
for English Heritage's annual show.

Finally ending up at The Dartmoor Wildlife

On it's travels it was found that the sculpture
was slowly shrinking in size so an 'A' frame
had to be welded in side. This spoilt the purity
of the work.

5 km of wire was used in the construction
which all stood without collapsing (Many
voiced doubts as to the strength) even though
the wire was just crimped together.

It was constructed by being hung from
scaffolding; with all the whispers of "it will
never stand" the cutting of the final supporting
wire was on of those stressful moments that
you don't want to live through more than once.
The steel hair shimmered in the breeze
bring life to a long lost creature.
All content and pictures copyright of Edward Netley 2004
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