The funniest thing!
Have you ever been talked into doing something
then afterwards think "what on earth did I do that

It all started while having my hair cut. I should
have realised what was coming as the barber
introduced me to all in the shop as a fantastic
international sculptor. Mmmm, flattery disarms
the intended victim. Before I knew I had
volunteered to repair a pixie that had been
damaged by a vandal.

Now at this point I should explain the pixie in
question has been a landmark in the village of
Bovey Tracey from a time before I was born.

It graced the out side of a building called Pixie
Corner. Basically it takes the form of a relief
mounted on a concrete slab fixed to the out side
of the building. No delicate pixie this as it took
two of us to lift it!

I got it home in the boot of my car only to realise
that I could not lift it out of the boot by myself.
Ask a friendly neighbour I thought.

"I've a pixie in the boot of my car. Can you help
me get it out?" I asked.
"Why is it running to fast for you to catch?" He

At that point in time I should have understood
what the future of life with a pixie entailed.

After close inspection of the offending pixie I
concluded the only option was to take a mold
from it and create a fresh one. I got some plaster
and materials together then thought of what to
use as a releasing agent. Vaseline I thought,
cheapness being my main concern. So off to the
chemist I went.

"I would like some Vaseline please" I asked the
assistant. Who gave me that all knowing look
which made me feel a little awkward. She came
back with a tiny tub.
"Oh no" I stated, "I need a big tub. It is for a pixie
you see."
Now I blushed as the look from the assistant was
of disgust as she viewed the obvious pervert
stood in front of her.
"I need it to stop it sticking!" I stammered a bit to
loud and lacking conviction.
"Of course sir." The slamming of the pot on the
counter showed her feelings. She gave me my

Out side I remembered I needed a receipt, It was
a real force of will to go back in.

I was rubbing the release agent onto the pixie
when I got a phone call from a client who asked
what I was up to.
"Rubbing Vaseline on a pixie." (Why do I say
things before I think)
"Oh does that stop them squealing?" He replied!

Enough said I think.
The damaged pixie. With
the broken parts replaced
with plaster ready for the
cast to be taken.
The final Pixie. Painted and
varnished ready to be hung
on the wall.
In location at Pixie Corner
Bovey Tracey Devon
All text and pictures copyright of Edward Netley 2004