Prancing Unicorn
The artist setting up the Unicorn for a show. Normally the stand would be set into a
hedge. However as the show was only lasting a couple of weeks it was placed
slightly in front. The Yew hedge was so perfect that placing the stand inside would
mean pushing branches aside. Fine if that was the final resting place as all would
grow back but not so good for just two weeks.
Making adjustments to the tail curling
the ends over. Not needed in a private
setting but safer in a public show
Final adjustments being made to the
sculpture and the unicorn is ready for
the show.

When the stand is placed within the
hedge it makes the sculpture appear to
be floating in the air. Even like this the
evening light makes the sculpture glow
and the stand disappear.
All pictures copyright of Paula J Cattermole
copyright Edward Netley 2010