Red Fox
After seeing a vixen protecting her territory the image has always stayed with me.
The wonderful arch of her back, the lowered head and raised tail. It all gives that
unmistakable image of hostility. Actually more than that it gives the image of one in
charge of the situation.
I made this using
Newplast the body and
limbs have a wire frame
contained within. Allowing
the form to keep the
strength required.

This is then sent to be
first cast in wax; the lost
wax process.

She stands at 18cm
measured to the highest
point of the arched back.
All text and images copyright Edward Netley 2010
Below is the finished bronze
The bronze shown nose to nose with the original sculpture.
One of the properties of casting is that the bronze is always a fraction smaller than
the original model.
The beginning of a bronze;
a Newplast sculpture.
Photographs copyright Paula Cattermole 2010