Rhythmic Dancer

When asked by 'Art at the Edge' to create a sculpture based on sport for
the 2012 Olympic games my mind turned towards the amazing form and
movement the girls utilise when performing their routines on the floor. My
mind went to their use of a ribbon and how I could use that in my creation.
The thought went to how I could use the ribbon as the 'stand' for the
sculpture. I really do dislike stands (A necessary evil of sculpture) so this
was a wonderful opportunity for it to kill two birds with one stone.
The first part for me was
to see gymnasts training.
I live in Devon and the
nearest place to me that
trained at such a high
level was in Bath.
Art at the Edge arranged
for me to see the girls
training at Bath University.
To witness them was a
moment that will stay
with me forever.
I can write here giving my thanks to the instructors for putting up with me. I am truly
in awe of them and there abilities. What the human body is capable of is amazing.

Under construction
I worked on the sculpture in the front room.
Once completed I had to set the
sculpture up fixed to a board. This was
to simulate it sat upon a wall. As nothing
is welded the wire is just twisted around
it self then one is never sure if it has the
internal strength.
The image above right shows how the
sculpture was fixed to a wall. One loop
of metal with the ribbon passing through.
The sculpture passed all the tests of high wind and rain.
The Rhythmic Dancer.
In location on the wall of a local house.
All text and pictures copyright Edward
Netley 2011