Siberian Tiger
A life size sculpture commissioned by Ellis Daw
of The Dartmoor Wildlife Park.

Worked from observations of the Tigers at the
park, a rare opportunity for an artist to work from

Edward stayed over night at the park which
proved to be a fascinating insight into the way
big cats behave and move.

All the big cats at the park were bred and born
in captivity and so behaved as naturally around
humans as they would in the wild.

On his first morning he turned up before anyone
else was around and had the disconcerting
moment of being stalked by a Tiger. '
dividing ditch and wall became surprisingly
small as I became a prey item'
Edward recalls.

Ellis gave him a few pointers on how to befriend
a tiger. Which led to the tiger which had stalked
him on the first morning greeting him as a friend
and equal! If there was a crowd around the tiger
would focus on Edward and greet him.

Once the sculpture was completed it was
carried to its final location over the shoulder of a
member of staff past the tiger enclosure. The
response was immediate as all the tigers
charged over for a better look. They gave the
definite impression that they recognised the
shape as a tiger.
All text and images copyright of Edward Netley 2004
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where the tiger is still on show.