The Unicorn
Creature of myth and legend
Edward Netley says...

'For me the ultimate form for a horse is a
unicorn. It's strength and elegance are
beyond measure. They have an honesty and
nobility unmatched by any other mythical

This sculpture was first conceived some
seven years before it was completed. Idea's
float around in the subconscious waiting for
the final definite moment for the creative
urge too burst forth.

It took about eight weeks of work from the
first wire being cut and twisted into shape to
the final form being completed.

A unicorn is not ridden! It allows one to
participate in the ride. The elf shown here is
barely balanced as the unicorn jumps the
fence. A slight twist of the hind quarters is all
that keeps the elf from falling to the ground.
Another Unicorn on display at 'The Sculpture Show'
Unicorn coming down off a jump. Shown at 'The Sculpture Show'
Unicorn on private display.
The close up of these heads shows the way the sculpture is made. Each
wire is twisted around another and crimped into place. Eventually they
build up in numbers enough to allow the individual strands to be weaved
in and out of each other; which give the form strength.
First pictures of a sculpture completed 28/03/06 standing in the
artists garden. It will be shown at the Sculpture Show 2006. Full
details of the Show are on the
'Events' page.

This sculpture is the one featured in the 'Creating a sculpture' pages.
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All images and text copyright Edward Netley 2004