Life size sculpture
This sculpture follows the wonderful shape a fox assumes when defending (in
this instance) a food item against a cats interest. The item in question or items
one should really say were a trio of scotch eggs left out for the fox.
She could get two in her mouth but not the third at the same time. The cunning
solution was to put one egg down and pick up the remaining one. Only to find
that still there was an egg remaining on the ground.

The situation went on for quite a while until all had to be placed carefully down
as back was arched and blood curling noises were made to frighten off a cat.
The vixen left with two of the eggs the remaining one was sniffed at by the cat
then abandoned not being up to the cats high standard.

Some moments stay in the mind. This from years ago is one of them.
Copyright Edward Netley 2009