Creating a sculpture
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The sculpture has been left a few days and
the body healed. The first 'correction' of note
is the line along the bottom of the rear leg. It
should be straighter than shown at present.

The way to correct erratic lines is first to put
in a wire which follows the correct line. As if
you are sketching with a pencil. The pencil
line being changed to a line of wire.
Incorrect line
The picture on the right shows the proposed
new line. All that needs to be done is for the
leg to be brought down to the correct place.

This involves a lot of hard work undoing
previous crimps and rerouting wire strands.
Heart breaking work undoing what has been
done, but rewarding once finished.
New line in place
Needing more space to view the sculpture it
is taken out side. Here it can be viewed from
a distance which allows the overall form to
be examined and not individual strands.
A 'fencing tool' is used to beat the wire into
place. The outside is worked on to push
areas in while working from the inside beats
area out. Slowly the final form is produced.
To hold that shape more wire is whittled in to
strengthen the manipulated areas. This is a
constant merry-go-round as wire pushes and
pulls against it self distorting parts that do not
need to move. It takes patience and a lot of
standing back to observe the results. This
often gives the impression of not much work
happening (nothing new there). Yet this
stage produces the most mental stress and
anxiety as one mistake can distort the whole
Beating into shape
Reaching inside to push the sculpture
... amputated right hoof.
The uncompleted left leg with the...
After several days rest work starts
again. The right hoof is amputated as
the idea now is to have that hoof
stretched so just the tip is touching the
ground. It was not working to plan so
the only way is to start again. Not an
easy decision to make but such is the
way of creation.

I decided to work on the left hind leg,
as both legs are needed together to be
able to balance them out.
This leg I want to have the hoof flat to
the ground in contrast to the right leg.
Legs are awful things to construct they
have to match and support the
sculpture as well. A constant battle of
realism over structural strength
provides a mental and physical
challenged that exhausts me.

It looks awkward at this stage but there
are no real fears over what the finished
construction will look like.
The left leg well under way
Now I have completed the right hoof
as well, the sculpture is stood up in
the garden so it can be observed
from all angles at a distance. It is
very difficult to work out proportions
if one is to close to the work.

Over all the image is tolerable but it
still needs a lot of work to bring it up
to standard. The answer here is to
continue work on another part of the
body. If I continued on the hind legs I
would be 'chasing around in circles'
ending up destroying what has been
A reasonable image
From all angles
The part I dislike within the creating
process is almost over. Legs that are
used to support a sculpture are always
hard work.

So it is now time to complete the head.
The 'sketch' is in place in 3.5mm wire. I
can now step down to 2.5mm wire
which allows greater detail to be

The added benefits are lighter weight
(this sculpture will have all the weight
on its hind quarters) with an easier
wire to twist and crimp.

Once the head is completed then the
front legs will go on utilising the same
Wire sketch of head
So ahead now is the fun part with the
final shape coming to fruition. Always
exciting as 'life' begins appearing from
twists of wire. This is my reward for all
the pain and frustration.