Creating a sculpture
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Now work has begun on the head. The fine
wire allows more manipulation and slowly the
form grows.

Working slowly down the neck to the
shoulders the filling and tensioning continues.
The work is slow, or so it seems as to me the
sculptor. It is only after looking back at the
previous photographs that I realise how much
has been completed.

In balance with the head the body is worked
on as well. The sculpture hanging from a
beam is spun around to allow access to all
areas. The creative process jumps from head
to chest as one point after another comes to
my attention.

I find this stage exciting as my vision
manifests in front of me. The pain in my hands
means nothing now, the hunger of creating
out weighs all else.
The head forms
So slowly it builds
The beginning of the front legs pawing at the
air emerge.

I notice the stomach needs to be
strengthened, but I am exhausted now and
must finish. My mind wants to continue but my
body says no.

So I must rest ready for tomorrow.
Shaping and building the body
Now I begin to work on the left leg. The
indication of the shoulder has a couple of
thick wires protruding from it so I can build on

First comes the sketch, mapping out my
perceived vision for the leg. This is pulled and
pushed until a working platform appears.

To relax the mind as I work I diverge off into
the body and neck filling in the obvious gaps.
A change is as good as a rest.
Left shoulder
The two pictures on the right show the building
process. Through the sketch to the completed

Working on fine tubes for limbs is both
frustrating and confusing. Because of working
on such small 'tubes' each wire being placed
pulls and distorts wires already there. One has
to relax and not stress because things do not
go to plan. It is very easy to get carried away
with pointless details.

Finally completed I leave for a coffee to clear
my mind so I can return and see what needs
correcting. (I have never yet not had to alter a
so called completed image)

On return I can see the proportions are
incorrect as is the hoof size; tired I opt to leave
it for another day.

Work commences to rectify the inconsistencies
 until a final image is created.

The leg rewards the effort put into it and I
finish yet another day tired and happy.

It is a strange thing that one can work on a
sculpture and not notice that things are not
working as they should. Yet when one returns
from a break the faults leap out at one.
Sketching the leg
Incorrect proportions
The final results
I have had to stop work for a few days due to the MS playing up. Frustrating for me as
my mind is still in the creative mode. It leaves me with time to think through what needs
to be done. The hind legs need major work to bring them up to standard with several
options open on the method to use. So in the end no time is being wasted.
The front right leg is now worked upon. The
first days work is physically easier as a finer
wire is being used. This brings other problems
as introduced wire distorted wire already in
place. The work progresses and shows parts
to be out of proportion, a problem which will be
sorted at a later date. I have found that it is
easier to complete and then rectify a mistake
rather than trying to correct as I am building. It
is always good to come back with a fresh mind
to finalise an image.
With incorrect lengths
To shorten lengths there are choices to be
made. Lengths can simply be cut out or wires
can be undone and the whole part to be
shortened pushed together.

For this limb I used a combination of both
methods. It is almost there but I will leave the
final twisting to a later date to avoid becoming
to fussy with the work.
Finished limb