Creating a sculpture
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This is now the stage where I always hit the
doldrums. The basic form is in place but
changes have to be made to bring the
balance of the sculpture to fruition. The
excitement has gone as I realise that the
image in my mind will remain just that.

I look to the hind legs and know that I have
to shorten and change them both. It is heart
breaking after all the work that has gone into
them. So I take a deep breath and make the
cut to change the previous work.

The side is opened so I can reach in and
undo twists to open out parts. It also allows
me to insert more wire to strengthen the
stress points.

Now comes the first standing of the full form
outside. This shows all the weak points and
overall proportions.

The list of work to do is never ending as I
circle the sculpture noting all the twists and
turns that need redoing. This I feel should
be an exciting stage as the last quarter has
been reached. Strangely it never is, my mind
is full of 'if only I had done this' or 'if only I
had tried that'.

As I circle I work filling and twisting various
parts as I go. It is a pleasure to be able to
work outside again.

Finally I return the sculpture to indoors to
hang it again so I can work on the hooves. A
lot of work yet to do but all effort now will
bring the sculpture to life. The final stage
now dictates whether it will work or not.
The hind legs
Opening the flanks
Checking proportions
Filling in
I hang the sculpture up again indoors and
have a change of heart. I decided to work
on the mane instead. It is a monotonous
task but almost relaxing in the repetition of
the task. Each strand is cut to length then
crinkled to give life to the hair. Making the
wire have waves instead of leaving it
straight adds volume and life. The picture
on the right shows half the mane in place.

The completed mane with ears in place.
The whole sculpture is now transformed
and begins to come alive. The overall
weight begins to creep up.

The odd wire is added in places that show
a need as I work. It is a never ending task
with really no finishing point. The most
difficult part is knowing when to stop.
Working on the mane
Finished mane
Now I begin the work I brought the
sculpture indoors for. Building up and
strengthening the hind legs. This is hard
work, by far the most strenuous of the
whole sculpture. It is an essential task as
the weight of the sculpture builds up.

The sculpture is hung upside down from
the ceiling to enable an accessible work
area. The wood placed between the legs
keeps the proper spacing. I have learnt
that without the strut in place the legs can
be distorted as wire is inserted. A lot of
pulling and stressing the wire is involved.
For the sculpture to stand correctly the
more wire I put into it the better it will be.
Strengthening the hind legs
The tail is completed and located in place.
Again crinkling the wire gives the
impression of volume and depth.

A break in the rain at lasts allows the
sculpture to be placed outside. This is the
first test of all the work put into the hind
legs. The wind is very gusty giving the
sculpture a good work out. This is great
for me as 20 days remain until it goes on
show allowing me to iron out any

The final part is the horn. Wire is wrapped
around a plastic tube which is of the
correct diameter, then slid off and the end
tightened into the tip of the horn.

All that remains is to fix the horn in place
bringing to an end the creation of another
The tail in place
Proving it can stand
Making the horn